July 7th - 11th
Houghton College

About NTS Camp

There is something critiacal about getting outside your environment to hear from God. This feeling opens you to new ideas and experiences. Away from home, students' hearts are more open to hearing things they wouldn't hear otherwise. We believe strongly that when a student comes to cam, God begins to significantly work in their lives.

We understand that students are highly influenced by the people around them. At NTS Camp, students are surrounded not only by a caring adult leader, but also peers and a whole network from their local church. This group of people will support them as they live out their faith. NTS Camp builds in a unique follow up mechanism right into the experience with people that students will see every week throughout the year.

NTS Camp truly was a game changer for our family. Our oldest daughter, Sophia, attended this camp last summer as a 7th grader. Even though Jesus is very present in our daily lives and we are involved in our church, and Sophia has said she is a believer, she never really expressed her acceptance of Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Our daughter is a bright light, so generous and kind to others. She is also quiet and reserved, not always willing to put herself out there and take risks. We were surprised at her eagerness to attend NTS, yet fully supported this adventure. Not being able to contact her for 4 days during this camp was torture! We were so worried, yet trusted our Family Ministry staff and really put our trust in Jesus and this experience. During the week of this camp, our daughter not only had the time of her life, she decided to dedicate herself to Jesus!!! A picture was sent via Instagram immediately following this dedication, and the pure joy on our daughter's face brought tears to my eyes. When she came home, I have never heard to her so excited to share an experience and just so full of life! Sophia continued her journey and decided to become baptized. She has inspired her family members to follow in her foot steps and consider taking on this declaration. We will be forever grateful to Cody and her small group leaders, Betsy and Lizzie, for providing this opportunity and guiding my daughter, and for the amazing experience NTS Camp provided!!
Kara Sharp (Mother of a 8th grader)

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